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Recent Merger & Acquisition - Bitterroot Plumbing, Heating and Electric, Inc.

Bitterroot Plumbing, Heating and Electric, Inc. is a regional authorized dealer for Kinetico Quality Water Systems

Kinetico Water Systems

Clearwater Systems

It’s telling as I review your fees and expertise in this process. I recall being about age 10 and – after 14 hours – falling asleep in the saddle while helping a neighbor push cows out of the hills to winter pasture south of Hardin. I was awoke by his foreman to hear him say with a grin, “I think you earned your keep.” Again, thank you for your past efforts. [My wife] and I have what many people never seem to attain during their life time thanks to your skill and expertise: we have enough. – Archie Thomas, Kinetico Quality Water

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