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When I made the decision to acquire a business, I knew my investment would be significant and that I would need to proceed with caution. This is why I engaged Alan Tronson and AdvantEdge Advisors to assist me in my purchase. From beginning to end, Alan’s strong business background and knowledge of a broad spectrum of business issues proved to be invaluable. In addition to locating a perfect fit acquisition opportunity, he provided valuable financial analysis and post-acquisition forecasting. Alan interfaced well with attorneys and accountants on both sides of the transaction. What’s more, he introduced important banking relationships and played a major role in the securing of financing. He mediated numerous delicate issues, without which this acquisition would never have crossed the finish line. He then went above and beyond by providing coaching through the initial transition period, ensuring my business got off to a profitable start. I would recommend Alan to anyone looking to expand their business interests through acquisition. – Scott Kurfman, Pfau Feeds

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