Case Study

Image Labs

The Challenge

A small group of medical practitioners developed an innovative way to image the nerve systems of the human body. The prototype of the technology showed great promise in affording more accuracy with peripheral nerve anesthetic applications for local surgeries. Also, surgeons could potentially reduce nerve damage by avoiding known nerve locations prior to incising. Finally, pain management could be better diagnosed and treated if nerve pain centers could be better located through imaging.

The AdvantEdge Solution

The company required financing to carry the prototyped innovation through long and expensive R&D phases and FDA approval processes. Management needed to obtain very large rounds of financing without giving up most of the ownership and future potential. AvantEdge advisor Alan Tronson recommended rather that a strategic alliance with a major medical device company should be sought out. Alan led the financial negotiations.

The Result

A multi-million dollar licensing agreement was executed with a major medical device company in the Midwest. The agreement provided substantial and immediate payments to fund the cash needs of the client company including ongoing patent costs. Additionally, royalty streams were secured for both the core technology and the disposable business with rates that substantially exceeded those for similar emerging technologies. All of this was accomplished without giving up ownership of the company or its technologies, while securing a game-changing sale and support channel partner.