Recent Mergers & Acquisitions

Matson’s Laboratory, LLC

Matson’s Laboratory, LLC, a wildlife lab offering cementum aging and tetracycline biomarker screening, has been acquired by Matt & Carolyn Nistler.

My wife and I own a highly specialized commercial laboratory unique in its service offering. After 40 years of operating the business, we wanted to find a buyer and ensure continued service for our clients but were unsuccessful. We turned to Alan Tronson, AdvantEdge Advisors, and he focused us in a productive direction. His organizational and human resource skills, knowledge, patience, and relaxed style made our work with him both productive and enjoyable. We reviewed strategies, found an interested buyer, and negotiated a comprehensive sale transaction with a sound structure tailored to the unique characteristics of our laboratory business. The thoroughness of the process we worked through with Alan resulted in a transaction highly satisfying to both buyer and seller. – Gary Matson, Matson’s Lab