Recent Mergers & Acquisitions

Mike’s HVAC

Mike’s HVAC, the largest HVAC company in the Lewis & Clark Valley, has been acquired by Brennen Heating & Air Conditioning.

When I engaged Alan Tronson to sell my sizeable business, I found an intermediary who has all the qualities necessary to bring buyers and sellers together on satisfactory terms; experience, diligence, patience and versatility.  Even though I had a strong business to begin with, Alan’s financial analysis and high quality marketing materials created enhanced value in the eyes of potential buyers and therefore a stronger closing for me.  He worked on the transaction over a long period of time, all the while making adjustments as my personal situation changed and finally pursuing a perfect fit buyer until the terms became agreeable to us both.  Circumstances beyond anyone’s control caused many setbacks, but it was Alan’s problem solving skills and negotiation expertise that got the deal done. – Mike Bordwell, Mike’s HVAC