Recent Mergers & Acquisitions

Montana Mast Company

Montana Mast Company, a leading full-service distributor of laser alignment and control equipment in the intermountain northwest, has been acquired by Montana Laser, Inc.

I want to commend you on the great job selling our business.  It was a pleasure working with a real professional.  The way our company was presented by you was so much better than anyone previous had hoped to think about.  The previous [agent] would send anyone and their dog in town on a weekend outing and expect me to sell my own business for them; they knew very little about selling a business.  Your presentation contained all the right information in a very understandable format for a buyer to understand the business and its potentials to make a decision based on his background and skills and financial abilities in a very short time.  You brought us a buyer with the right background and skills; someone who will prosper with the opportunities ahead and continue to make the business grow.  The terms of the transaction were strong like we wanted and we are very satisfied with the results we were able to obtain by working through you.  Much, much different than working with all the different realtors that we tried previously to no avail but much frustration.  Again: Thanks for the wonderful job well done and I will give you high recommendations! – Chuck Kleffner, Montana Laser