$1.1 billion sets new record for C.I.A. members


February 15, 2022

Cornerstone International Alliance (C.I.A.) members completed 146 business transactions in 2021, setting a new record of more than $1.1 billion in value. The Alliance is comprised of 25 industry-leading M&A and investment banking firms in the U.S., and across the globe, focused exclusively on serving businesses in the lower middle market. AdvantEdge Advisors LLC is the C.I.A. network member that serves the intermountain northwest—Washington, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota.

“This is an incredible accomplishment and a testament to our member’s expertise, the strength of the organization and the global network it creates,” said Nick Olsen, Managing Director of Cornerstone International Alliance. “The members’ combined experience, resources and collaborative efforts are generating a new level of value for their clients in the lower middle market, and we’re excited about what’s ahead in 2022.”

The Alliance members typically work with business owners whose companies have $500,000 to $10 million in EBITDA or $5 million to $150 million in revenue; the primary services provided include business sales, acquisitions, and valuations.

“Our alliance members saw unprecedented volume of M&A activity in the lower middle market in 2020 and 2021, despite the challenges of the Covid pandemic,” said Scott Lester, Managing Member, AdvantEdge Advisors, LLC.

“The members strive to find ways to help one another through the sharing of best practices, which is the goal of the organization,” explains Scott Bushkie, President of Cornerstone Business Services, C.I.A. founder.

Founded in 2018, C.I.A. members have completed over 3,600 business transactions.

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