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Would you like to understand how your company compares to others in the same industry – in the eyes of a buyer?  How about the strengths and weaknesses that should be addressed, before presenting your company to the market?

A reliable opinion of value can only come from a formal business valuation report – delivered as part of the comprehensive M&A process, when you’re engaged as a client. Your free Value Builder Report includes a preliminary range of value indication.

There is no fee for generating your Value Builder Score, or for a telephone or personal meeting with one of our Advisors for a discussion of results

The Value Builder Assessment takes 13 minutes to complete, after which our highly researched systematic process will instantly generate your Sellability Score (on a scale of 1 to 100). Based on quantitative analysis of more than 18,000 users, companies that achieve a score of 80+ are predicted to get offers that are higher than the average business.

Your overall score is supported by individual comparative scores on each of 8 key criteria that drive market value.  These individual scores and discussion of them in the report – which your Advisor will personally present to you – are keys to understanding the distinctive qualities of your business, and how it can be prepared for and presented to the market in its best light.

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